Пост от 20го января

Форчан почему-то уже об этом забыл, но ведь пилотный трейлер сабжа существовал ещё в 2013-м году на закрытом ивенте, и в нём сказали много такого, чего нам ещё не показали. Хотя всё это может быть лишь черновиком отбракованным, конечно.

Какой-то японец отпубликовал описание, и анонимы его худо-бедно перевели:

Are you "YURI"?

Is that a sin?

The "YURI" trial begins.

The MC's name is Kureha. It seems she has a dislike for bears, for whatever reason. She saves some bear from a truck accident, but ends up pulling some assault weapon out of nowhere and shoots the bear dead. The dead bear splits into two.

The words "The meeting that wasn't meant to be, between a person and 2 bears," "Miraculous meeting," and "Unforgivable mistake" are shown.

A spinning 3D object rolling around with the words 「罪Guilty」 (Guilty of sin) is shown.

Anyhow, later on those 2 bears turned into human girls. One is named Ginko and the other one Ruru. They went to live together with Kureha, and in the PV they are shown getting naked, taking a bath together and hugging while doing so. The one writing the entry described it as erotic.

It seems that while the bears can transform into humans, they-re not yet humans but they want to become humans.

There's also a trial, in which the scene itself seemed like the summoning of the PotC in Penguindrum - you know, some whacky atmosphere. The judges are 3 men.

The words "365 days until the fated kiss" "YURI acknowledgment" were said and they're sealed with a bear stamp. The PV ends there.

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