Anno: I believe that anime character merchandise sells well simply because it is a means of getting close to the character. You can't express your love for Rei Ayanami except by putting her poster up on your wall. So, character merchandise sells well because of that.

Oguro: Express your love?

Anno: Everyone understands that it's a fiction, but precisely because it's a fiction you have a pure feeling, you fall for the character to an even greater extent. You assume that an anime character will not betray you. Iku-chan [Ikuhara] said [to me], "in the last episode, please have Rei Ayanami get married and become pregnant. Just please betray the Ayanami fans. The Rei Ayanami they are thinking of is not real. The real Rei Ayanami gets married, and her belly..."

Oguro: (laughs) Ah, if Ayanami really existed.

Anno: He told me something like, "please, make them realize that, If she were real, she would get married, become pregnant, have a child, and grow older." I was thinking, "we don't have to go that far..." (laughs).

Oguro: (laughs) Iku-chan is a wicked man.

Ikuhara trolling @ fanboys crying

@postman, кстати да. Она не "кровоточит", скорее всего она инфертильна

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