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До тебя только сейчас дошло, что побывать на Акихабаре можно с помощью Google Maps

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Quote: "They were talking so much about "キス (Kisu:Kiss)" and "スキ (Suki:Love)" and I think I was able to understand that part a bit.

Maybe Suki is what you give to others, and Kiss is what you receive, hence the two interchanging letters (ス→キ and キ→ス). Suki becomes a star in the sky, and Kiss comes back to earth as a shooting star."


Quote: "The bee threatened to sting anybody that dared get too close to her- except her brother. This may be a metaphor for subconsciously pushing away those who didn’t genuinely love her (the attendants’ doting shifted to her brother after he was born and her suitors were only interested in receiving her promised kiss- most likely her hand in marriage). The bee flew not only around her, but her brother, symbolizing that his love was true and that she knew it, subconsciously. However, being spoiled from such a young age and left to believed that she was unloved, she came to hate her brother and pushed him way (all her attempts to kill him and throwing away the honey he collected for her). Her brother being killed by a bee sting could be taken literally or a metaphor for working himself to death to trying to be loved by the older sister he naturally looked up to.


lesbians are asked by the Judgemen to prove their love over and over again as a statement on how society doubts that homosexual love is real


This whole thing comes from Japan's inability to recognise that there are women who actually don't want to date/marry/whatever men. The society is EXTREMELY patriarchal in social structure. The seem to be SLOWLY extricating themselves from this bad way of thinking, but it will take time.

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